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You can save these documents to your computer for future reference. (Please note: formularies and directories may change and the PDFs are not always updated immediately. For the most up-to-date resources, please use the links to the left.)

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Further Information on Your Value-Added Benefits

Blue Access For Members (BAM)

Blue Access for Members is a member portal that provides immediate online access to your health and wellness information.


  1. Click here
  2. Click the “Register Now” link on the right
  3. Review/agree to Terms of Use
  4. Use the information on your ID card to complete the registration process.
Once registered, members are able to:
  • Check the status of a claim and your claims history
  • Set your preferences to receive notifications through emails or text alerts
  • Locate a doctor or hospital in the network
  • Join Connect (social network for BAM members)
  • View and print an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement for a claim
  • Access 24/7 NurseLine for help with a health problem or concern


Healthy Actions Rewards

Members can earn rewards (up to $100) for completing eligible health activities during the calendar year (January 1 -December 31). Each healthy action triggers $25.00 to be placed on a gift card. These rewards can be redeemed for a variety of gift cards that can be used at select pharmacies or national retailers. Members can opt to obtain a gift card for the completion of each individually completed healthy activity or they can opt to pool their reward amounts for numerous completed healthy activities. A maximum of one payment for each specific healthy activity per year will be rewarded until you reach the $100 maximum.

Examples of Eligible Healthy Actions:

• Welcome to Medicare/Annual Physical
• Annual Flu Vaccine
• Colorectal Screening
• Retinal Exam
• Bone Density Screening
• Mammogram
• In-home Assessment

Register Your Account

  1. Click here
  2. Click the “Let’s Get Registered” link
  3. Enter your information (member ID, date of birth, email)
  4. Set up your care plan by answering the health questions
To Select Reward Card
  1. Click on the “Rewards” icon (blue circle with diamond)
  2. Under “Current Automated Rewards,” click “Change” and select which gift card and delivery method you prefer

Over-the-Counter Card (OTC Card)

The OTC Card is a value-added benefit for members in the Choice Plus Plan. On the 1st of every month, $10 is loaded onto the card. With this allowance, you may purchase eligible OTC and health-related items (i.e. aspirin, cold & flu relief medications, and adhesive bandages) at any participating pharmacy.

Funds do not carry over to the next month. If you don’t use the whole amount, any remaining balance gets cleared before the next month’s funds are added. The cards are to be re-used each month. You are not mailed a new one each month. Do not throw away your card.


Start Using Your OTC Card

Activation Steps:
  1. Click here
  2. Enter the 19 digit number on your OTC Card
  3. Enter your 9 digit BCBS Member ID without the letters at the beginning (ex: 804xxxxxx)
  4. Scroll down the page and verify that your card status is “Active”

Make a list of eligible items you want to purchase and take your card to the pharmacy. At the checkout lane, swipe your OTC card first for payment. Eligible items, up to the $10, will be covered. If your purchase exceeds the balance on your OTC card, you will need use another payment method to cover the remaining amount.

Search For Eligible Items

1. Log in to your account using the steps outlined above. Select “Products” from the top menu and select which pharmacy you’d like to use. You can browse products by category, keywords, or UPC.


2. Click here (no log-in required) and search for items with any combination of keyword, product category, and/or pharmacy.


Your advantage plan includes access to the Silver&Fit wellness program. As a Silver&Fit member, you’ll get to work out more, meet new friends, and be more social. Members have the following choices available at no or low cost to them:

  • A fitness facility membership: You can go to a Silver&Fit fitness club or exercise center near you, or
  • A home fitness program: You can choose from 17 home fitness kits if you can’t get to a fitness facility or want to work out at home. You can get 2 kits each year.

Silver&Fit members can also access low-impact Silver&Fit classes focusing on improving and increasing muscular strength and endurance, mobility, flexibility, range of motion, balance, agility and coordination; Healthy Aging classes (online or DVD); a quarterly newsletter; and web tools.


  1. Click here
  2. Review/agree to Terms of Service
  3. Provide required information (Name/Birthday/Address/Phone)
  4. Create username and password
By Phone

Call the toll-free Customer Services hotline at 1-877-427-4788.

After registering, you may select your preferred fitness facility.

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Photo Credit: Army Medicine (Flickr) | License

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